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Depaoli, S. (2021). Bayesian structural equation modeling. Guilford Press.

Code in Mplus and R is provided for all examples in the book. The links below will take you to the material for each chapter. There is no code provided for Chapter 1 because no examples were present, and Chapter 12 is not linked to code because the example code is presented elsewhere in the book.

Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1: Background [there is no code provided for this chapter]

Chapter 2: Basic Elements of Bayesian Statistics

Part II. Measurement Models and Related Issues

Chapter 3: The Confirmatory Factor Analysis Model

Chapter 4: Multiple-Groups Models

Chapter 5: Measurement Invariance Testing

Part III. Extending the Structural Model

Chapter 6: The General Structural Equation Model

Chapter 7: Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling

Part IV. Longitudinal and Mixture Models

Chapter 8: The Latent Growth Curve Model

Chapter 9: The Latent Class Model

Chapter 10: The Latent Growth Mixture Model

Part V. Special Topics

Chapter 11: Model Assessment

Chapter 12: Important Points to Consider [there is no code provided for this chapter]